School Vision

Generations of Christian Education
Psalm 89:1

Heritage Christian School was established as an independent Christian school to provide an excellent educational experience based on the authoritative and inerrant Word of God.
2 Timothy 3:16

The goal is to facilitate the development of the student spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially, all for the glory of God.
Colossians 1:16, 17

The educational program at Heritage Christian School is designed to benefit each student, with the balancing of a challenging academic curriculum and excellent athletics, recreational activities, computer and media opportunities, and creative expression in the fine arts. Our program aims to prepare and inspire students to do God’s will for generations to come.
Deuteronomy 6:2-7

Heritage Christian School is committed to providing a school where God’s Word is purposely integrated in every area of our school. We are dedicated to establishing an environment that provides mutual respect, nurture, discipline, and above all things love.
Matthew 6:33, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

The staff and teachers at Heritage Christian School are qualified and dedicated Christians who are committed to developing students to think critically, be creative, reason, defend their Christian faith, communicate effectively, and nurture a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2 Timothy 2:15, Isaiah 34:16

Heritage Christian School is passionate about partnering with families in prayer, serving others, and in the building of Christian relationships.
Philippians 1:3-11

School Vision