High School Program

Bible 1: Christian Living and Scripture

This course emphasizes learning about God from an Old Testament and how it applies to the student’s practical everyday Christian life. Students will cover the first five books of the Old Testament, which begins with the Biblical perspective of creation of the world and man to the study of the Israelite nation and the Exodus from Egypt. Students will also use supplemental literature that will challenge and enhance the student’s study of the Scriptures.

English 1

This course will build on the development of reading, writing, listening and communication skills of each student. Short stories, plays, and poetry, as well as Greek mythology and novel studies will be included in Literature. Paragraph structure, multi-paragraph essay, personal, descriptive, narratives, literary analysis, and learning how to write for essay tests will be some of the several types of compositions that will be covered. We will also study several literary classics that will emphasize on the point of view, style, and the purpose of the literature.

Spanish 1

This course is the beginning High School Spanish course. The students will utilize the present tense in reading, writing, listening, and communication assignments. The preterite tense will be introduced in the second half of the book. The focus of the class is on learning basic Spanish vocabulary words and phrases and learning the core grammar of the language. This course is designed to prepare the students for further study of Spanish.

Spanish 2

This is a second year course for high school students. It continues the development of the four language skills that were covered during Spanish 1. This course focuses on mastering the use of the present tense, the two past tenses, preterite and imperfect, and the future tense. The key factors of this course also include understanding of Spanish grammar, vocabulary enhancements, use of the language, and cultural knowledge.
Prerequisite: Spanish 1 with a minimum grade of 70% and teacher recommendation

History and Social Science

Ancient Civilizations

This course will develop the student’s understanding of ancient history and geography from early civilizations to 1500. This course will provide the study of the structure of power, religious systems, environment, economics, culture, arts, social behavior and geography from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. All course content is presented with a Biblical world view.


Earth and Environmental Science

This course will provide students with the scientific principles which play a major role in the development of the natural world. Students will learn about the environment through firsthand field studies. This course will provide the study of the earth, its materials, processes, history, physical universe and the laws that govern how it works. All course content is presented with Biblical integration inserted where appropriate.


This course is a comprehensive study of the science of life. It will provide an understanding of living organisms from the simplest one-celled organism to plants, animals and man. In addition, the topics will include chemical composition, cell structure and function, the biochemical processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration, heredity and genetics. Throughout the course, students are taught the intricacy and order of life and its processes point to the existence of a Creator. All course content is presented with Biblical integration inserted where appropriate.
Prerequisites: Either completed or enrolled in Algebra 1


This course will provide students with healthy lifestyle fundamentals through a Christian perspective. Students will be taught how to develop proper nutrition and exercise habits. Students will be taught about social well-being, understanding diseases, achieving emotional, mental health, responding to emergency situations, and embracing ways to live a daily Christian life. The basic body systems and how they function safely and efficiently will be taught.


Algebra 1

This course develops and emphasizes properties of the real number system and symbolic language of mathematics and the sciences. In addition, algebraic skills and concepts are developed and used in a wide variety of problem-solving situations. It includes the study of polynomials, linear equations/systems, functions, quadratic equations, literal equations, fractional equations, absolute value, inequalities, functions graphs, irrational numbers, exponents, radicals, data analysis and probability.
Prerequisites: Pre-Algebra


This course will provide students with the development of reasoning and problem solving skills in their study of congruence and similarity, and apply properties of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. In addition, the course provides the study of length, perimeter, area, circumference, surface area, and volume to solve real-world problems. It provides students with competency in 2 and 3 dimensional geometry.
Prerequisites: Algebra 1 with a minimum grade of 70% and teacher recommendation.

Physical Education

This course provides students a complete study of how the body works and what helps the body work better. Students learn how to play and understand a variety of sports and athletic activities, along with fitness, conditioning and nutrition.

Fine Arts

Art 1

This course develops the student’s talents through a variety of mediums such as paint, pencil, pen and ink, felt tip pen, charcoal pencils, water color, oil pastels, and a combination of all the above. This course introduces a wide range of art techniques and creative approaches to visual arts. Students explore color theory, elements of good composition, and techniques of drawing perspective, brush techniques, and contour drawing.


This course will develop the skills of the students as a vocalist, musician, and performer. Students will be offered the discipline through rehearsals, which will include sight-singing, basic theory, and introduction to vocal and choral techniques. Students will explore different styles of musical literature. The study will incorporate areas of musical theater and performing arts.


This course will provide the experience of organizing, managing, creating, and producing the annual HCS yearbook. Students will be responsible for all aspects of the yearbook production (photos, layout, design, journal, planning, advertising, research, interviewing, writing articles, captions, and headlines, etc). Please Note: Students may be required to attend work sessions outside the scheduled class period.

Online Courses

To enhance the overall Curriculum, online courses will be provided as needed. All courses offered are University of California approved.