Summer Programs

Preschool Summer Camp
Heritage Christian School offers a 10-week summer camp program for our current and incoming preschool students. Our camp provides a fun, interactive, and nurturing environment tailored to a weekly theme. Camp registration will begin April 1, 2024. For more information about our camp please reach out to our Preschool director at

Heritage Harbor Summer Camp, K-6th Grade

Heritage Christian School offers a 10-week summer camp program, “Heritage Harbor”, for students in grades K-6th. Participation is flexible and selections can be made on a weekly and daily basis. Online registration is required and activities may include field trips, water play, game trucks, magic shows, hiking, baking, arts/crafts and special pizza days. For more information, please email

Summer School, K-6th Grade
Heritage Christian School offers a four-week summer school each July for grades K-6th. The primary goal of summer school is to help each student to strengthen their basic skills in preparation for the UPCOMING GRADE in the core areas of Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Placement testing, along with teacher recommendations, will be given to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student. The instructors will build upon these strengths and weaknesses and provide what is needed for each student including remediation and enrichment. New students to HCS are also welcome in our summer school program. A weekly report will be sent home to inform parents of each student’s progress. For more information, please email

HCS: Serving Preschool – 7TH Grade

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