Heritage Christian School
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Heritage Christian School

…I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.
Psalm 32:8

Heritage Christian School seeks to glorify God through Christ centered teaching, academic excellence and Christian Service, all in a distinctly loving and nurturing environment. HCS believes that a strong and comprehensive academic program is essential in the student’s educational process. HCS is committed to surpassing all state standards mandated by The California Board of Education as well as far exceeding regional and national standardized testing scores. HCS test scores far exceed the national norm each year. HCS offers a challenging core curriculum that will stretch students with advanced placement courses in High School, provide rich elective opportunities in both Junior High and High School and deliver opportunities for growth with auxiliary classes in Elementary that inlcude Physical Education, Art, Music, Bible, and Spanish.

Expected School Outcomes


Learners Develop Academically Students will be able to:

  • Pursue excellence by giving their full effort to academic achievement
  • Communicate successfully by speaking, listening, reading, and writing effectively
  • Progressively develop fine and gross motor skills according to developmental stages
  • Think critically and process information for effective problem solving and decision making


Leaders Develop Relationally Students will be able to:

  • Express compassion by giving and helping people in need
  • Work collaboratively to achieve a common goal with others
  • Demonstrate respect and love for God, country, family and school

Lovers of Christ

Lovers of Christ Develop Spiritually Students will be able to:

  • Communicate salvation and will be given the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Savior – John 3:16
  • Apply Biblical principles as the basis for life choices
  • Demonstrate a love for prayer, worship and defending their Christian faith
  • Understand and demonstrate a Biblical Worldview
Academic Learning Assistance

or Heritage Christian School is committed to providing a supportive environment that enables all students to achieve both spiritually and academically. We endeavor to do this through our Academic Learning Assistance Program (ALA). The goal of ALA is to assist students in grades K-12 with documented physical and/or learning disabilities by providing a tailored Individual Accommodation/Modification Plan to help them excel academically while growing closer to Jesus Christ. This plan provides for approved physical, organizational and instructional support. The ALA Program is led by Becki Hayes who has over 37 years of experience in education. Her desire is to help each child reach the potential that God has placed within them.

Please note: There is an additional fee for ALA. For details, please review the application below or reference the tuition/fees schedule by clicking here.



HCS incorporates computers and technology in the classroom through our rigorous curriculum and with various individual and group projects using both the Microsoft Suite and Google Classroom. Students, parents, and staff are asked to sign a Digital Citizenship contract to ensure appropriate and responsible use of technology and to adhere to the Godly guidelines outlined by HCS. In addition, in order to create a safe environment for our school, HCS employs the assistance of the Cyber Safety Cop to educate our parent community and our students in junior high and high school to empower them to safely engage online.

Average Class Size



HCS is fully accredited.

Student/Teacher Ratio